The difference between nylon yarn and polyester

2019-07-11 14:29:32

  Polyester yarn is sun-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof, nylon yarn alkali-proof but acid-proof, light-proof is not good, long-term exposure to sunlight will reduce the fiber strength, color yellowing, nylon yarn knitting feel smoother, surface gloss is higher, clothing in sports clothes, swimming suits, body-building clothes, socks are more, polyester fiber is the world. Polyester staple yarn is often blended with cotton, wool, linen and viscose fibers. Its fabrics not only adhere to the strong, wear-resistant, stiff and easy to preserve characteristics of polyester yarn, but also have the characteristics of moisture absorption, heat preservation and less static electricity of natural fibers.

  The similarities between polyester and nylon fibers are as follows:

  They are synthetic fibers in chemical fibers. They have high strength, good wear resistance, poor air permeability, uncomfortable wearing, and easy to generate static electricity. They are widely used in clothing and industrial applications.


  Differences between polyester and nylon fibers:

  With different specific gravity, polyester yarn fabrics are not easy to crease and straighten, with good scale stability, good shape retention, poor shape retention of nylon color yarn, no polyester yarn straighten, easy to deform, polyester melting point at 260 C, ironing temperature at 180 C, polyamide color yarn heat resistance is not good enough, ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 C, low temperature resistance. The nylon yarn has high strength, good elastic recovery ability, good wear resistance, moisture absorption and dyeability than the polyester yarn.

  Nylon: The gloss is dim, the color is not bright, the handle is hard, and the fabric will be creased after folding, but it can recover slowly.

  Polyester: The gloss is bright, but the softness is not very strong. It has the function of shining. It has a smooth handle and good elasticity. Fabric will recover quickly after folding, no creases, not easy to break.

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